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Greg Lunde, MBA / Ph.D.

Certified Management Consultant

A design that formulates and strengthens effective executive decision-making for profitable business and merger and acquisition strategies.

Greg Lunde

COLLIGATED® Solutions and COLLIGATED®  Systems' SIM software offers owners a total design for formulating and strengthening executive decision-making acumen for both business and merger and acquisition strategies. Dr. Greg Lunde's experience and connections offers clients a full range of business, pricing, financial, and M&A consulting services (California Real Estate License ID #01481984).

By using Dr. Lunde's techniques and retaining his services, you will secure powerful, systematic, and confidential decision-making proficiency and, subsequently, strengthen your strategic position in your markets.

Decision Focus:

  • Pricing, Finance, Organization, and Compensation Designs
  • Business Analysis and Management Strategies
  • Business Strategy Review, Integration, and Governance


To create reliable business intelligence and effective managerial control by using COLLIGATED® Systems' Strategic Information Management (SIM) Software.


Accurate business analysis creates the basis for effective decision-making in today's competitive business environment. Business analysis effects confident managerial command over the opportunities, risks, strengths and limitations facing your business and its vital business centers.

Business acumen organized with COLLIGATED® Solutions from Greg Lunde subsequently affords you with a powerful, systematic, and confidential decision-making technique. COLLIGATED® Solutions are advanced as a significant means for evaluating and managing events as they occur and change in business.

COLLIGATION is the process of subsuming (classifying) information within credible and pragmatic concepts, principles, or hypotheses.

COLLIGATION, as a decision model, affirms judgments ascertained in business and history with as much accuracy, power, and confidence as solutions applied in science and mathematics.

COLLIGATED® SYSTEMS: Management Strategy

Successful management strategies are attained with a logical decision-making method. Decision strategies developed with COLLIGATED® Systems' proprietary Strategic Information Management (SIM) software capture this intent. Competitive factors such as profits, price, quality, and service are evaluated with Dr. Lunde's results-driven operational software model. A memory track (a history) of your decision style is produced for optimum managerial guidance of your changing business.

Resourceful owners, executives and board directors using COLLIGATED® Systems SIM software are enabled to subsume (organize) accurate information within general business principles. Premises used to create an effective managerial business construct (business strategy design, process, and implementation) originate with the following business concerns:

  • Definition and evaluation of core business competencies, values, and needs.
  • Analysis and judgment of how the enterprise operates.
  • Business strategy review, effect, and assimilation with dynamic and often obscure external environmental forces.

Subsequently, Dr. Lunde's COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems-SIM software program provides a design for formulating, consolidating, and sustaining owner and board decision-making acumen. Effective methods for both business and merger and acquisition strategies will strengthen your business's position in its markets.

Greg Lunde Book Publications

Dr. Greg Lunde's book, COLLIGATION: COVERING LAW AND COLLIGATION: Two Theories of Historical Explanation for Decision-making Applications, was published by Vantage Press, Inc., New York, in 1995. His book was digitized by the Indiana University Press in 2008.

COLLIGATED® Solutions and COLLIGATED® Systems are related abridgments of Dr. Lunde's published work.

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Greg Lunde Professional Experience

Commercial clients and agencies served since 1971 by Mr. Greg Lunde include global / multinational businesses, advanced technology companies, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, banking, insurance, U.S. Federal and State agencies, and other institutions. The following is but a partial list:

  • 3M Company
  • Hughes Aircraft Company
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Bank of North Dakota
  • North Dakota State Agencies
  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Pillsbury, Staley, and ADM
  • Electric Power Utilities
  • Universities and Institutes
  • Boy Scouts of America

Greg Lunde Professional Training

  • CMC, 1991 through present
    Certified Management Consultant-Emeritus
    • Institute of Management Consultants, Washington, DC. (
    • "Profile" at
  • Ph.D., 1991
    Southern California Institute
    Western Pacific University, Honolulu, HI
  • MBA/M.A., 1983/89
    University Fellow: Dual-Degree Program--Business and History
    Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA
  • A.M., History, 1972
    University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD
  • B.A., Philosophy/History, 1971
    Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN

Professional Organizations & Board Memberships

Institute of Management Consultants, Southern California Chapter

Member, 1988 through present. CMC Emeritus, 1991 through present
Board of Directors, Membership, 2014 to present
Board of Directors, Chair, 2002-2003
Board of Directors, President, 2001-2002
Board of Directors, Executive Vice President, 2000-2001
Board of Directors and Treasurer, 1993
Board of Directors and Conference Chair, 1992

Institute of Management Consultants, Orange County Chapter

2014: merged with the Southern California Chapter
Board of Directors, Member, 2009 to 2014
Positions Held: Chair, President, Vice President, Membership, Secretary

Rossmoor Town House Association, California

Board of Directors, 2017 to present
Board of Directors, Vice President, Treasurer, 2004 to 2014
Board of Directors, President, 2003
Board of Directors, Vice President, 2001
Board of Directors, Vice President and President, 1998. Member, 1997 through present

Rossmoor Homeowners Association, California

Board of Directors, 1999-2000
Second Vice President, 1999
Member, 1997 through present

National Association of Corporate Directors

Member, 1998-2004

Claremont Graduate University Alumni Council

Board Member, 1992-1996

Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management

Alumni Board and Network Roundtable, 1988-1992

LeTip International Business Network

Cypress Chapter, California
Board President, 1989-1993

Chamber of Commerce

Cypress and Los Alamitos, California
Member, 1989-1993

New York Academy of Sciences

Member, 1996-2004


Associate Member, 1993-1996

North Dakota State Government Executive Office

Consultant to Federal and State Executive Team Members, 1979-1980

North Dakota Regional Directors

Board Chairman, 1978-1979


Who's Who in California, 1988 to present and Who's Who in the Midwest, 1987.
University Fellow, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA, 1981-1983.
University Teaching Assistantship and Grant, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD, 1971-1972.

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