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Greg Lunde, MBA / Ph.D.

Certified Management Consultant

A design that formulates and strengthens effective executive decision-making for profitable business and merger and acquisition strategies.

Greg Lunde

COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems
Business Analysis/Management Strategies
Owner and Consultant: CMC (Certified Management Consultant)

Dr. Lunde offers COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems, a corollary of his book, as an approach for executive review, evaluation, and management of their business. Effective managerial strategies succeed when executives acknowledge a logical view of decision-making styles. COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems Strategic Information Management (SIM) is a program expressed in proprietary software that enables executives, owners, and board directors to subsume (classify) accurate business intelligence within general or adapted strategic business principles. Subsequently, Dr. Lunde offers clients a means to formulate, consolidate, and sustain distinctive business decision-making proficiency that aims to, concurrently, influence an effective mergers and acquisition strategy.

Resourceful executives, owners, and Board Directors using Dr. Lunde's COLLIGATED® Systems - SIM software can subsume (organize) accurate information within general and changing business principles. Desired premises used to create an effective management strategy (business strategy review design, process, and performance) originate with the following business concerns:

  • Definition and evaluation of core business competencies, values, and needs;
  • Analysis and judgment of how the competitive enterprise operates;
  • Business strategy review, effect, and assimilation with dynamic and often obscure external environmental forces.

COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems SIM software program provides a design for formulating, consolidating, and strengthening executive, owner, and board director decision-making acumen. As a result, proficient business analysis generates effective managerial strategies for a mergers and acquisition valuation of the business while strengthening the business's strategic position in its sectors.

Intellectual Property Rights

US Trademark Registration for his COLLIGATED® Systems was filed on March 22, 1993, and officially registered on February 8, 1994 (COLLIGATED®, No. 1820099). Incontestable trademark status was established August 1999; February 2004; and March 2013 through February 2024. Dr. Greg Lunde has legally filed DBA Statements with the County Clerk of Orange County, California on March 4, 1993; January 27, 1998; November 8, 2007; January 31, 2013; December 13, 2017. He registered his website,©, on March 23, 2017.    

Dr. Greg Lunde's book writing effort for COLLIGATION: COVERING LAW AND COLLIGATIONTwo Theories of Historical Explanation for Decision-making Applications published and marketed by Vantage Press, Inc., in New York, began during October 1993. The official publication date was October 11, 1995. The book notice was highlighted in the Academic and Economics/Business sections of the Vantage Press, New and Recent Titles: 1997-1998 and 1998-1999 Catalogs. Dr. Lunde's COLLIGATION: COVERING LAW AND COLLIGATION — Two Theories of Historical Explanation for Decision-making Applications was digitized by the Indiana University Press in 2008 and is available through Amazon.

COLLIGATED® Solutions and Systems and Dr. Lunde's book, COLLIGATION: COVERING LAW AND COLLIGATION — Two Theories of Historical Explanation for Decision-making Applications, were publicized concurrently. COLLIGATION, as a business model, advances conclusions made in business and history with as much accuracy, power, and confidence as solutions realized in mathematics and science. The book (and software) identifies decision-making techniques found in history and science that fit numerous executive, owner, and Board styles, assumptions, and circumstances.

COLLIGATED® has been in business use by Greg Lunde since 1972. Trademark registrations:
1994; 1999; 2004; and 2013-2024. Copyright registrations: 1985, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994 and 1995.© 2017

PolyCentric Strategies, Inc. & PolyCentric Strategies, II
Executive and Managerial Support
Financial and Insurance Services
Owner and Consultant: CMC

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) purchased Mr. Greg Lunde's "PolyCentric" business mark on February 17, 1993, for their use as "Polycenter Solutions." POLYCENTER Solutions not only automates Information Systems operational tasks, but also provides Management and Executive Consulting Services. DEC's POLYCENTER Solutions pertained to their Enterprise Management Architecture (an open architecture based on non-proprietary standards and interfaces), which meets all computer industry standards. POLYCENTER products and services include computer software tools for existing (VMS and UNIX platforms) and emerging computer environment standards and platforms.

In 1987, Mr. Lunde created PolyCentric Strategies (Inc. and II) as a management consulting business supported by a computer-based program for creating and directing business strategies. His proprietary and copyrighted computer-based management information systems (MIS) application, Strategic Management and Planning Systems advanced Executive and Managerial Support services for profitable decision-making.

Mr. Lunde's method served to ascertain the opportunities, risks, strengths, and limitations facing the business. MIS components for strategic business plan design, process, and completion included:

1) Definition and evaluation of core business needs (goals, objectives, and tactics);
2) Management assessment and analysis of how the business has been, is, and will be operating; and
3) Business strategy review, performance, and interaction with external environmental forces.

Successfully executing a strategic management and planning system required connecting the business strategy with dynamic and uncertain conditions.

In June 1991, Mr. Lunde earned his CMC designation from the Institute of Management Consultants in New York and his Ph.D. from the Southern California Institute in California.

Mr. Lunde also offered Financial and Insurance Services to owners, executives, employees, and individuals from insurance companies such as the Travelers, Transamerica, Chubb, Sun Life-Canada, ITT Hartford, Sun America, and WRL.

Bank of North Dakota
Administration and Finance
Vice President/Director of Strategic Planning
700 East Main, P.O. Box 5509, Bismarck, ND 58502-5509

Mr. Greg Lunde directed and computerized the Touche Ross-recommended Strategic Plan and Planning Process for the Bank of North Dakota (BND), an approximately one billion-dollar institution. BND's top management decision-making process integrated Lending; Administration and Finance; and Retail and Operations group (component) strategies into a bank-wide plan. He also originated the MIS requirements for BND's strategic management and planning effort, Management Information Systems: Strategic Planning Software Requirements, that included the analytical procedures, variable definitions, and report generation needed for financial and economic modeling.

The Earnings to Deposits Correlation Analysis devised by Mr. Lunde consisted of bivariate linear regression models. It correlated and estimated the performance of the Bank of North Dakota's net operating income (earnings) against its deposits. The study compared the bank's performance with its primary source of operating revenue: the State of North Dakota's tax base. His mathematical analysis measured the bank's ability to attain the goals, objectives, and tactics described in its Strategic Plan and Planning Process and associated performance schedules.

Claremont Graduate University
The Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management
Dual-Degree Program: History-European Studies Program
900 North College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Mr. Greg Lunde was enrolled, full-time, in Doctoral Study at the Claremont Graduate University Dual-Degree Program. He accomplished most of his Ph.D. research and writing while working at the Hughes Aircraft Company, Space and Communications Group, from January 1984 to June 1985. He began the Dual-Degree Program in the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management and the History Department as a University Fellow in September 1981.

  • MBA (1/17/83): The Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management
  • MA (1/17/89): History Department

Hughes Aircraft Company
Corporate Consultant: Senior Systems Coordinator
Space & Communications Group
P.O. Box 92919, Los Angeles, CA 90009

A business decision-making model produced by Mr. Greg Lunde, Advanced Technologies: Marketing Management and Business Strategy, was aimed at marketing advanced technology products. His decision-making model also pertained to NASA sponsored Commercial Program Office proposals for wide-ranging industrial research and projects that were to be conducted on the space shuttle and for the future space station. Recommendations included:

  • Satellite communication ground terminal transmittal (uplink transponders) and receiving dish equipment (prelude to DirecTv) for the Satellite Ground Equipment Laboratories;
  • Satellite test equipment for pre-orbital product stress testing, design changes, and success/failure thresholds; and
  • Electronic and systems test consulting for the proposed space industry business.

Executives were counseled about the use of computers and software for commercial business product development, cost control, pricing, and total quality practices.

Mr. Lunde also justified the capital appropriations for acquiring a Computer Aided Planning (CAP) system that included hardware and software purchases for the Space Vehicle Assemblies and Systems Integration Division. The Computer Aided Planning System's detailed configuration management plan applied to the assembly of communications satellites. An IBM 4381 mainframe computer was selected because of its direct access storage capacity and its ability to support a read-only CADAM blueprint drawing access method (softcopy/colorcopy) on 60 cost-effective IBM 3270 personal computers.

Targeting the Use of Computing Machinery was a MIS (Management Information Systems) project that Mr. Lunde presented for evaluating the probability of placing computers in the Systems Operations-Spacecraft Testing Division. The results from A Productivity Time Survey and Questionnaire, A Task Per Project Time Survey, and an Actual Versus Perceptual Analysis set priorities for management and engineering tasks per project in the following categories: Engineering, Equipment, Testing, Business Management, Computing Equipment Use, Paper Processing, Communications, and Miscellaneous. The Productivity Time Survey results were analyzed with spreadsheet, matrix, and decision tree design mathematical theorems. Data evaluation and analyses were manipulated with Oracle software run on a DEC VAX and merged with Lotus 1-2-3 software run on an IBM Personal Computer.

The Business Decision-Support Systems interactive software research effort presented by Mr. Lunde examined the feasibility of connecting mainframe uploading and downloading capabilities with those of personal computers. Desirable software features included the following prerequisites: (a) production, financial, marketing, and managerial applications that were interactive and nonprocedural; (b) a windowed English language menu; (c) modeling capabilities for simultaneous goal search and sensitivity analysis; (d) row/column (matrix) driven operations; (e) logic (models) separate from a relational data base format; (f) highly resolute graphics with "3-D" simulation; and (g) report writing features allowing for both informal and formal organizational reporting from models linked to existing information files. Several software provider firms were evaluated but none selected due to the volatile nature of the "business decision-support systems" commercial atmosphere.

Claremont Graduate University
University Fellow
The Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management
Dual-Degree Program, History-European Studies Program
900 North College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

Mr. Greg Lunde was enrolled, full-time, as a University Fellow in the Claremont Graduate University's Dual-Degree Program from September 1981 through December 1983. All University course and residency requirements were met in the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management and the History Department for the MBA/MA Dual Degree Program. He maintained Doctoral Study status from January 1984 through December 1985, and worked on his Ph.D. dissertation while employed at the Hughes Aircraft Company.

  • MBA (1/17/83): The Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management
  • MA (1/17/89): History Department-European Studies Program

NOR-CON Development Corporation
Consulting and Grantsmanship
President and Consultant: Board Directors, Executives, Finance
P.O. Box 631, 1507 S. Main Street, Minot, ND 58701

As President of NOR-CON Development Corporation, an incorporated partnership, Mr. Greg Lunde provided business planning and financial consulting services to manufacturers; utilities; private and public agencies; and energy concerns throughout the North Central states. Projects, proposals and personal services provided during 1979-1981 included:

6-7/81: South Central Dakota Regional Council, Jamestown, ND 5840, and Stenson Development, Minneapolis, MN. Consultant: Project Financing. Mr. Lunde created and directed the "Statistical Housing Demand Survey" for the successful $2,500,000 financing and construction of the Jameshouse Retirement Building with the US Department of Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration funding program.

6/81: Goodroad Sports, Inc., Jamestown, ND 58401, Consultant: Business Analysis. Mr. Lunde conducted a statistical analysis for this small business to: a) verify the reliability of sales as an indicator of future demand; b) predict sales for future marketing decisions; and c) decide the strength of the business's growth.

2-6/81: Department of History, Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND 58401, Instructor. Mr. Lunde was hired to teach "Western Civilization II" and "Renaissance and Reformation."

Additional consulting projects conducted during the 1979-1982 time period also included:

State of North Dakota Department of Agriculture
Consultant: Research and Development
State Capitol Building, Bismarck, ND 58505

The following projects were completed by Mr. Greg Lunde:

Transportation Modes and Channels Evaluation. Appraised domestic and international transportation methods and routes for marketing North Dakota agricultural commodities.

Agricultural Processing Research. Prepared the results of the North Dakota Agricultural Processing Research Task Force program. The Task Force identified current agricultural product processing research needs. They also explored product and processing technologies that could lead to a sophisticated and effective energy exchange system for food and fuel production.

Land Use: Town and Country Program. Generated and presented a detailed program designed to protect and preserve agricultural lands of prime and statewide importance. The Program consisted of: Component I-Executive Order 1980-13; Component II-Demographics, Resource and Productivity Inventory, and Terminal Use; and Component III-Preservation Methods, Existing, and Proposed. The Program incorporated data and analyses generated from the US Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service mapping, studies, and explanatory materials; the University of North Dakota's A Working Model Computer Map Atlas of Economic Development in North Dakota; the Statistical Abstract of North Dakota, 1979; and North Dakota State University's Farmland Values.

Agricultural Development Association Networks. Developed evaluation procedures for setting up Development Corporation Boards, programs, and projects that agricultural producers and agribusinesses recommended for stabilizing and expanding their local economies.

The Noxious Weed Survey for Cass County. The study provided for 1) the timely detection of newly introduced noxious weeds in the state and 2) enough seasonal employment to support the survey program on detecting noxious weed infestation.

Executive Office, State of North Dakota
Consultant: Public Finance
State Capitol Building, Bismarck, ND 58505

Mr. Greg Lunde advanced and produced the "Priority Project Identification and Assessment Effort: An Economic Development Strategy" for the North Dakota Public Investment Plan. It provided a cost-effective technique for securing investment capital to qualified businesses through a standardized public sector financial application. He directed a management team consisting of executive officers from: the Bank of North Dakota and its Board, the ND Governor's Office, ND Regional Economic Development Districts, and the US Departments of Small Business Administration, Commerce, Agriculture, and Housing and Urban Development.

Basin, Verendrye & Central Power Electric Cooperatives
Consultant: DOE Proposal Coordinator
Minot, ND 58701

Mr. Greg Lunde managed the Energy Management Planning Team's proposal for "Constructing a Wind Measuring Tower Resulting in the Installation of New, Large Experimental Wind Turbine Systems." We secured 100% financing for a wind measuring tower from the US Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office, Richland, WA. Our project was one (1) of twenty (20) selected from a national pool of 580 applicants.

PolyCo Resources, Inc. & Board of Directors
Consultant: CEO Management and Marketing
Minot, ND 58701

Mr. Greg Lunde designed the "Managerial and Marketing Functions for Domestic and International Business Operations" proposal for this window manufacturing firm's Board.

Executive Office, State of North Dakota
Consultant: Organizational Design
State Capitol Building, Bismarck, ND 58505

Mr. Greg Lunde drafted and presented a proposal for an "Executive Branch Reorganization Study."

North Dakota Alcohol Cooperative & Board of Directors
Consultant: Agribusiness Development
Minot, ND 58701

Mr. Greg Lunde's team created and advanced a "Proposal for a Feasibility Study for Planning, Financing, Constructing, and Operating an Alcohol Plant" in North America.

Souris Basin Economic Development District (SBEDD)
Consultant: Economic Development Planner and Board Chairman
2001 Valker Road, Minot, ND 58701

Mr. Greg Lunde's consulting responsibilities for this private sector agency supported a variety of business, financial, and economic development activities in the seven-county SBEDD and for their County Commission Boards.

As Board Chairman of North Dakota's Regional Economic Planner's Conferences, Mr. Lunde developed and scheduled programs, speakers, and agendas as required for chairing the statewide conferences. North Dakota had eight (8) Regional Economic Development Districts that consulted with their respective County Commission Boards.

Operating revenues for the SBEDD were increased by 100% because of Mr. Lunde's design and management of the Overall and Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies for 1979-1980: "Public and Private Financial Procedures" and "Marketing Strategies Procedures." His strategies secured financial and marketing assistance for business clients. The procedures targeted financial and marketing resources ranging from banks and lending institutions to the US Departments of Small Business, Commerce, Defense, Agriculture, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Private and public sector financial information sources included: the US Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget's "Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance," and the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of the Census and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes publications.

Mr. Lunde's successful application for building a $1,500,000 Industrial Park at Velva, ND resulted in the Park's designation as the site for a sunflower seed oil processing plant. The Cogeneration Technologies: Industrial Development Financing project was financed through programs from the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant.

Mr. Lunde's application materials helped win $45,000,000 for building and operating a seed oil processing plant with joint venture participants Midwest Processing, Pillsbury, and the Staley Corporation. The US Department of Agriculture Farmers Home Administration guaranteed the loan. The plant was operational by 1983, and linked with an electric power plant (Basin Electric Power Cooperative, William J. Neal 42 megawatt generating station) that integrated cogeneration technology using waste heat and excess sunflower seed hulls. In 1989, the Archer Daniels Midland Company, the new owner, began processing canola oil at the seed oil processing plant.

Mr. Lunde also secured an additional $40,000 for expanding the Rugby Industrial Park facility with financing from the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

Executive Office, State of North Dakota
State Planning Division
Consultant: Economic Development Planner
State Capitol Building, Bismarck, ND 58505

Mr. Greg Lunde supported North Dakota's eight (8) Regional Economic Development District offices with their planning activities through the promotion and organization of Business and Economic Reference Materials. He worked with economic modeling projects used to explain and forecast State, Regional, US, and International economic conditions and advance the statewide North Dakota Public Investment Plan. Information providers and sources that he became familiar with and used included: Chase Econometrics, Inc.; the University of North Dakota (Departments of Economics, Geography, Computer Science, and the Business Bureau); and the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Census, SIC codes and statistical databases.

Business and Economic Reference Materials included the following published works:

"Statistical Abstract"
"Economic Atlas"
"Economic Indicators Series"
"An Economic Analysis Framework and Revenue Forecasting
System for North Dakota"

United States Senate
Dirkson and Russell Senate Office Buildings
Postal Services
Post Office, Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Quentin Burdick, ND (deceased) helped Mr. Greg Lunde with locating a position in the Postal Services for both Russell and Dirkson Senate Office Buildings. Mr. Lunde used this opportunity to explore programs in economic history, development, and planning at the University of Maryland, Georgetown University, American University, Johns Hopkins University, and Princeton University and do research at the Library of Congress for graduate school preparation. He then applied to various graduate schools for advanced studies in History (Economic Development) and chose the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California.

3M Company, 3M Center
Tape and Allied Products Group-Packaging Systems Division
Quality Control Technical Analyst
Building 230-1E-04, St. Paul, MN 55144

Mr. Greg Lunde conducted quality control evaluations for marketing, engineering, and production managers. Product quality was assured through statistical measuring techniques formulated to examine the physical properties of filament tape construction. He evaluated sales, production, and experimental tape runs based on statistical databases and information generated from Instron testing equipment. He also developed a filament tape testing standard for the National Bureau of Standards in Washington, D.C. 3M guaranteed product quality.

COLLIGATED® has been in business use by Greg Lunde since 1972. Trademark registrations:
1994; 1999; 2004; and 2013-2024. Copyright registrations: 1985, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994 and 1995.© 2017